South Carolina State Library – Talking Book Service

Address: 1500 Senate Street, PO Box 11469
Columbia, SC 29211
Phone: (800) 922-7818 Email: Website:

The South Carolina State Library’s Talking Book Services department provides informational and recreational reading materials in accessible formats for free to qualified users. The program serves South Carolinians unable to use conventional print materials because of the following:

Those who cannot hold book or turn pages due to physical disabilities;
Those who cannot see standard size print due to visual impairment or blindness;
Those who have temporary disabilities due to injury, illness, or surgery and;
Those who have physically-based learning disabilities.

South Carolina residents (all ages and income levels) unable to read or use standard print materials as a result of temporary or permanent visual or physical limitations are eligible for this service. Blindness is not the only qualifying condition. Even those with low vision due to problems such as macular degeneration, are eligible. Physical conditions such as missing arms or hands, lack of muscle coordination, or prolonged weakness are qualifying conditions when their result is an inability to hold a book or turn pages. Persons with physically based, medically certifiable reading disabilities (such as dyslexia), and institutions serving clientele with qualifying conditions are also eligible.

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