Southeast TN Human Resource Agency

Address: 312 Resource Road
Dunlap, TN 37327
Phone: (423) 949-2191 Fax: (423) 9495559 Website:

Welcome aboard! We are happy to have you as a passenger and be able to serve you. We’ll see that you reach your destination if it be the doctors office, the grocery store, or anywhere across town. No matter what your age or special need, we can accomodate you! Passenger safety is one of our primary concerns. In order for us to better serve you and provide safety for all passengers we have established the following guidlines:

If you will be at a different location for pickup let the office know ahead of time so the driver will be informed.
Because a large number of people are transported each day, passengers should try to take care of all their business on the same day. Under normal circumstances, passengers should make reservations only twice weekly. This will allow us to serve more people. (This does not apply to priority trips such as medical appointments, nutrition and others.)

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