Special CARE – Special Needs Childcare, Educational and Therapy Service Provider

Address: 12201 North Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Phone: (405) 752-5112 Fax: (405) 7528963 Website: http://www.specialcareinc.org

Special CARE is a model site for the Department of Human Services' Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Professional Development.  Special CARE’s  Early Childhood Education Program provides quality early childhood services to 135 children. Our staff is a team of dedicated early childhood educators who believe in the importance of their role in supporting our students.  Click on the picture above to learn more about Special CARE’s Early Childhood Education program.

Special CARE’s After School and Summer Programs offers a safe place for youth to get the help with homework, have a snack, socialize, and get some exercise.  A licensed, structured program that gives kids 6-21 a lot of fun things to do during the summer or after school.  

Special CARE’s on-site therapy programs and new therapy equipment and adaptive chairs, standers, and bicycles give children new hope and possibilities.

Therapists with degrees in physical, occupational, speech, behavioral, and music therapy work one-on-on with children, teachers, and parents in the lab and classroom settings to create individuals programs and carryover activities for the classroom and home environments.  Neurologic music therapy, autism therapy, including pictorial exchange systems (PECS), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Verbal Behavioral Training approaches, are other therapy areas actively integrated in Special CARE classrooms

A United Way partner agency, Special CARE offers the best affordable, year-round early childhood education, therapy, and after school and summer programs for children with and without special needs.  Programs inclusive year-round direct care, early childhood education, and before/after school programs, as well as on-site therapy services.  In addition, Special CARE’s Autism Clinic provides one-on-one therapy for the growing number of children in our program with autism spectrum disorders.  All of Special CARE’s therapists and teacher work together for effective carry over between therapy and classroom environments.

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