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Sport + Spine’s mission is simple: to “Provide an Environment for Success.” Sport + Spine is committed to the prevention of injury, physical restoration, and improvement of physical health, through compassionate and informed Physical Therapists and a variety of other health care providers.

Services Provided:

Physical and Sports Therapy – Physical therapists are the experts in the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders or injuries that can affect a person’s ability to function. A physical therapist’s expertise in movement and function allows them to not only treat patient’s injuries, but more importantly to assist in the prevention of future injuries.

Aquatic Therapy – Aquatic rehabilitation is a key component in the treatment of many injuries. Aquatic therapy combines the beneficial effects of exercise and water to create an optimal environment for rehabilitation. Three properties of water, buoyancy, viscosity, and hydrostatic pressure, provides a safe and environment which allows for earlier intervention of therapy.

Back and Neck – pain is a 90 billion dollar yearly health care expense and the number one reason for loss of work. With back and neck injuries, early physical therapy intervention is key to a fast and successful recovery. Sport + Spine has therapists that specialize in treatment of both acute and chronic pain.

Geriatrics- Balance and Strength become a growing issue as we age. However, with appropriate therapeutic exercises this process can be minimized allowing for an active and better quality of life. Sport + Spine focuses on improvement and maintenance of balance through specific strengthening programs based on individual needs.

Manual therapy – is a key component to the care of many diagnoses. Physical therapists are trained to use their manual skills to assist in the healing process. Our skilled therapists use different manual techniques to aid in restoring mobility and function specific to each individual. At Sport + Spine we choose to use our manual skill in conjunction with therapeutic exercises and education to allow for proper long term healing.

Individualized Training – One-on-One training that is designed to correct weakness and improves strengths. All programs are designed with injury prevention and the client’s personal goals in mind. Each program is designed and run by a licensed physical therapist.

Group Training – Much like the individual training with the added benefit of supporting friends. Personalized training for 2-4 people, run by a licensed physical therapist. All Programs are designed with injury prevention and the goals of each client in mind.

Team Training – Programs designed to fit the needs of the team and specific to each sport. Each session is designed and supervised by one or more licensed physical therapists

Sports Massage – Muscle specific massage that targets areas of fatigue or injured muscle tissue resulting from extensive training. Promotes muscle recovery and injury prevention.

Yoga & Core Fitness Classes – Yoga | Therapeutic in nature, you will learn techniques to help you transform your mind and body while gaining flexibility, increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Immerse yourself in a tranquil class that explores the basic yoga poses and discover how to connect them through attention to breathing, mindfulness and alignment. Meditation and relaxation techniques will also be introduced, perfect for stress relief and overall well-being. All levels welcome, participants do not need any experience in the practice of yoga. Practitioners with physical ailments and practicing during pregnancy please let the instructor know your health condition before class.

Core Fitness – is a class focused on improving core and hip stability, increasing total body strength/endurance/flexibility, improving low back and joint pain, preventing future injuries, and improving overall cardiovascular fitness. Classes are designed in a way that exercises can be modified from higher impact to lower impact and from more advanced to beginner exercises. Classes consist of 4 parts: Dynamic warm-up, Circuit/Interval training, Core Stabilization, and Cool-down.


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