St. Luke’s CARES – Children at Risk Evaluation Services – Idaho

Address: 190 E Bannock Street
Boise, ID 83712
Phone: (208) 577-4460 Fax: (208) 577-4469 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

St. Luke’s CARES is dedicated to the belief that every child deserves to be safe, and to be heard. Every year, more than 1,000 children are evaluated for alleged abuse at our offices in Boise, Twin Falls, and Rupert, and at our Foster Care Clinic, where children coming into foster care receive a complete medical evaluation. Prevention is also vital to the CARES mission, with resources and referrals for parents, a database for research, legislative input for prevention and treatment of child abuse, and lectures and training for professionals and the public on issues of child abuse and neglect.

St. Luke’s CARES is a neutral, child-friendly facility where children can feel safe and comfortable, and be heard. We provide children and their families an opportunity to understand their trauma and begin the process of healing in a warm and accepting environment. We treat children in an age-sensitive manner to reduce further emotional trauma.

Our team provides:
Medical examinations, treatment, and forensic interviews conducted by specially trained professionals: We provide a sensitive, caring, and comprehensive medical and forensic evaluation of a child’s injuries, thus minimizing the need for repeated exams and interviews.

Interviews are carried out in a child-friendly room specially equipped for videotaping. The medical exam is performed to ensure the health and safety of the child, reassure the child that everything is okay with his or her body, diagnose and treat medical conditions related to the abuse, and document significant physical and forensic findings. Legal documentation, court preparation, and crime victims compensation assistance Follow-up and referrals to counselors and other community resources.

Financial assistance for counseling is available.
St. Luke’s CARES Boise: (208) 577-4460 Fax: (208) 577-4469
Twin Falls: (208) 814-7750 Fax: (208) 814-7759

St. Luke’s CARES serves children and families from throughout southern and central Idaho, eastern Oregon, and northern Nevada from our clinics in Boise and Twin Falls, where most interviews and examinations are conducted.

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