St. Vincent Doctors Rehabilitation Hospital

Address: 2201 Wildwood Avenue
Sherwood, AR 72120
Phone: (501) 834-1800 Website:

The St. Vincent Rehabilitation Hospital offers patients hope, healing and strength. Whether recovering from an injury, disease or birth defect, each patient is carefully nurtured to maximize the rehabilitation potential and outcome. St. Vincent has licensed therapists, who along with physicians formulate an individualized program tailored to the needs of each patient.

St. Vincent Rehabilitation Hospital includes comprehensive programs for physical therapy, hand therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology. Inpatient and outpatient acute care, recuperative care, acute rehabilitation and home health services are also available.

At St. Vincent, technical skill, advanced medical expertise and compassion provide a perfect blend of healing elements. It is a blend that enables our rehabilitation services to help most patients transform their hope into functional mobility and activity.


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