Star Tran – City of Lincoln

Address: 710 J Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 441-7871 Fax: (402) 4417055 Email: Website:

Public Works/Utilities Department


"Star Tran provides public transit service to 19 regular fixed routes, six express routes and one downtown route. Star Tran also operates a Handi Van service. The Handi-Van Program is a door-to-door transportation service created to help meet the transportation needs of individuals who experience disability and who, because of that disability, are unable to ride the regular fixed-routed city bus. The program requires pre-registration.
Eligibility Requirements: A disability that prevents the person from riding a regular city bus. There are no age or income guidelines or restrictions.
How Does One Register?
Two applications are required, one to be completed by the applicant and one by the applicant's physician. Eligibility is determined based on the information received in the application.
If an individual is determined eligible, a photo identification card is issued. This can be done two ways. The individual can bring the completed applications to the League office where staff will take a picture and issue a card immediately.
Registration can be done by mail. The individual would simply mail the completed application and a small photo that can actually be put on the ID card. (The photo needs to be smaller than 1 inch by 1 inch.) An ID card and program information will then be mailed to the individual.
Applicants may download an Application Form online, to be filled out and printed. The final page of the online form is to be completed by the applicant's physician. Both forms are to be delivered or mailed to the League Office (Address is on Registration Page)."
Reservations: 402-441-7109
Cancellations: 402-441-7110

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