StarTran Handi-Van Program

Address: 1701 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 441-7871 Website:

League of Human Dignity


"The Handi-Van Program is a door-to-door transportation service created to help meet the transportation needs of individuals who experience disability and who, because of that disability, are unable to ride the regular fixed-routed city bus. The program requires pre-registration. Eligibility Requirements: A disability that prevents the person from riding a regular city bus. There are no age or income guidelines or restrictions.
Two applications are required, one to be completed by the applicant and one by the applicant's physician. Eligibility is determined based on the information received in the application. If an individual is determined eligible, a photo identification card is issued. This can be done two ways. The individual can bring the completed applications to the League office where staff will take a picture and issue a card immediately. Registration can be done by mail. The individual would simply mail the completed application and a small photo that can actually be put on the ID card. (The photo needs to be smaller than 1 inch by 1 inch.) An ID card and program information will then be mailed to the individual. Applicants may download an Application Form online, to be filled out and printed. The final page of the online form is to be completed by the applicant's physician. Both forms are to be delivered or mailed to the League Office (Address is on Registration Page).
An unconditional card means there are no restrictions on it. The individual can use the Handi-Van service at any time, for any reason, within the Handi-Van operating guidelines.
Sometimes a person is able to ride the city bus except under special conditions. A conditional card may be issued so the person could use the Handi-Van only when the special conditions exist. Example: if a person, because of their disability, is to avoid cold weather, a ""Winter"" or ""cold weather"" conditional card can be issued. Another example: of a conditional card is a temporary one, issued to people whose disability is only temporary.
Attention: Wheelchair Users
Handi-Van drivers will not take wheelchairs up or down more than one step. If a person's residence or other pickup point has more than one step, alternative arrangements must be made. These alternatives can include having someone (other than the driver) available to assist the person using the wheelchair or having a ramp or lift installed.
If you need assistance to obtain or install a ramp or lift, you can contact the Housing & Design Specialist at the League of Human Dignity at 402-441-7871."

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