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"These professionals have a diverse background in child development that enables them to address the physical, social, and emotional impacts of injury or disability on the child and the family. The occupational therapist (OT) is uniquely trained to identify barriers in the child’s surroundings that interfere with his or her effective interaction with their daily environment. Evaluation and treatment focuses on engaging the child in meaningful activities that allow for successful performance of daily life skills including self-care skills (dressing, feeding, grooming and hygiene) play skills and social interaction skills. OT’s will provide families with the tools and resources to help the child carry out daily activities with as much independence as possible, whether through development of skills or training in the use of adaptive equipment.

Treatment specifically addresses:
   •    Fine motor development and coordination 
   •    Visual and perceptual motor development 
   •    Upper extremity muscle strength and range of motion 
   •    Balance, coordination, and postural control 
   •    Self-help skills (activities of daily living) 
   •    Sensory integration, processing and organizational skills 
   •    Play and socialization skills 
   •    Use of adaptive equipment and assistive devices"

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