Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute Assistive Technology Services

Address: 221 10th Avenue E,, Room 121
Menomonie, WI 54751
Phone: (715) 232-2378 Fax: (715) 2325008 Email: Website:

Paul Schwartz – Assistive Technology Services Manager

Assistive technology consists of a variety of devices, strategies, and services used to maintain or improve an individual’s ability to accomplish tasks.  It is an evaluative process that identifies relevant skills, strategies, and appropriate adaptive equipment, whether available commercially, modified from its original purpose, or custom-made. SVRI’s assistive technology staff understand functional limitations experienced by people with disabilities as well as how to prevent and reduce injuries.  Assistive technology services can include evaluation, design, customization, modification, maintenance, repair, training, technical assistance, and identification of funding options.

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