Strive, Inc

Address: 7111 Dixie Hwy., Suite 123
Clarkson, MI 48346
Phone: (248) 922-1236 Fax: (248)-922-1235 Email: Website:

STRIVE, Inc. is a non- profit organization that provides leisure and recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We help to advocate for individuals with disabilities, as well as implement programs of interest, provide consultation and independently contract recreational therapy within the Metropolitan Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids area.


Strive, Inc is actively involved in the Michigan Victory Games

The Michigan Victory Games provides athletes who have a physical disability the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive sports.  Participation in the Games gives athletes a chance to compete against their peers in a variety of events and reap the benefits as others who participate in organized sports.  Since its inception, the Michigan Victory Games has qualified many athletes to compete in Paralympics, World Games and the National Sports Festival.  In 2009, Paralympics' representatives attended the Games for the first time — only one of three sites in the nation to be given this honor.


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