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"Sue Jeffrey Physical Therapy, PC
was established in September 2000 in an effort to provide superior Physical Therapy Treatments in a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere. We offer comprehensive physical therapy programs for orthopedic, pediatric and geriatric patients, including weightless aquatic pool therapy and cancer patient rehabilitation. Our treatment methods are based on a
hands-on, manual approach including modalities, massage and exercise.          We offer rehabilitation programs for:
While arthritis is a degenerative condition affecting joints in the body there are therapy programs available to ease the pain and discomfort. Treatments including heat, ultrasound and other modalities along with massage and exercise can help to decrease joint pain attributed to arthritis. Some patients respond well to simple exercises done at home while others rely on occasional visits to the clinic to help keep their pain levels to a minimum.
Back Pain:
Back Pain can range from an ache that will not go away to stabbing pain that has caused leg pain, weakness or numbness. Treatments might include modalities such as heat packs and ultrasound, massage, exercise and traction.
Balance deficits can be related to many different causes. Mainly, we lose our balance as we age because of a lack of practice. We become more sedentary and do not play as we did as kids. Through exercise, our bodies can re-learn the sense of balance it once had. Another common cause of decreased balance is following injury or surgery. Likewise, practice with specific exercises can quickly return your sense of balance and comfort when on your feet.
Bladder Incontinence:
Programs are available for both male and female urinary incontinence. The methods used by our clinic are non-invasive and use a computerized biofeedback system to monitor muscle activity while learning a set of exercises. Our past success rate with this therapy is about 80%.
Cancer Patient Rehabilitation:
Strength and endurance training for patients following chemo therapy and/or radiation treatments. Visit to learn more about how massage therapy is being used as palliative cancer care for mesothelioma patients.                                                                          Fitness:
Our Gym is equipped with multiple cardiovasular machines including a treadmill, recumbent bike, and elliptical machine as well as resistance equipment. With free weights and theraband, you are able to get a complete body workout. One of our staff will help you the first few sessions to get you set up on a program to meet your needs and to compensate for any special needs you may have. The gym is open for exercise at your convenience any time within our clinic hours.
Physical therapists do not directly treat fractures but we can help following the healing of the bone to return the body back to its normal state. This would include strengthening weak muscles that have been in a cast for several weeks, stretching tight muscles and joints that have been restricted and regain balance and agility that has been lost.
One common cause of chronic headaches is tightness and muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders. Physical Therapy treatment can help to decrease the spasms and loosen the muscle so there is less stress on the base of the skull which causes headaches. While there are many other causes of headaches, a quick assessment can determine if physical therapy can provide relief for you.
Jaw Pain (TMJ):
Jaw pain or TMJ can have different causes such as teeth alignment and joint alignment but can be caused by neck tightness and spasms similar to headaches. Therapy to the neck to reduce tightness can help to relieve pain by removing additional stress from the joints of your jaw. Slight lifestyle modifications related to eating, talking and posture can also make a significant difference.
Joint Pain:
General joint pain can be caused by arthritis, injury to the joint or can be referred from another area of the body. A physical therapy evaluation can help to determine the cause of the pain and treatment can reduce the pain and return your body to a normal level of functioning.
Knee Pain:
Knee pain can be caused by arthritis, injury to the meniscus, torn ligaments, over use and even as a result of a pinched nerve in the back. Our Physical Therapists can help alleviate the pain caused by knee injuries. We handle all insurances to get you back on your feet quickly.
Full body massage is offered by all of our therapists. While we are not massage therapists, we are trained in massage as part of our schooling. Massage is not typically covered by insurance but is reasonably priced. Call today for pricing and to make an appointment.
Neck Pain:
Neck pain can be muscular pain and remedied with massage and exercises or it can be a pinched nerve or arthritis. Often, neck pain may disguise itself as arm pain or shoulder pain because of the referral pattern of the nerves.
Shoulder Pain:
Shoulder pain can be a result of referred neck pain or it can be specifically within the joint because of injury or arthritis. Injuries can include rotator cuff injuries which can create decreased arm movement and can be painful, impingement which is a mechanical problem caused by the joint not moving properly, Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder) which is a tightening of the capsule around the shoulder which limits the movement of the shoulder and can be painful. There are numerous other conditions of the shoulder which might be characterized by pain, decreased strength and/or decreased movement.
Pediatric Issues:
Kids can suffer from some of the same orthopedic problems as adults in addition to conditions more specific to the younger population including developmental disabilities and congenital problems. Either way, it is nice to have someone familiar with the pediatric population work with them who is able to treat the problems in a child-friendly manner.
Post Surgical:
Following orthopedic surgeries, physical therapists can help speed up the rehabilitation process. Whether a joint replacement or a repair of muscles, ligaments or tendons around a joint, we can help to strengthen, stretch and return the joint to a normal level of function.
This is only a short list of the issues that we can help you deal with as Physical Therapists. Please call or E-mail us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation."

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