Sumlar Therapy & The Study Center

Address: 193 Sam Lisenby Road
Ozark, AL 36360
Phone: (334) 445-6336 Fax: (334) 4456363 Email: Website:

Sumlar Therapy Services, Inc. began as one physical therapist’s dream to work a few hours a week at her home, offering pediatric therapy on horseback.  Kristin Sumlar began providing Hippotherapy—a technique in which therapists use the movement of a horse to assist riders in gaining strength, balance, and flexibility—in January of 2001. Kristin and her friends formed an interesting group to watch in the front yard of the Sumlar’s century-old antebellum home.  “I started my therapy business with one patient, Sarah.”  Sarah was the first of many children to seek out the special therapy.

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