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SuperKids began in 1999 to fill a much needed gap in therapeutic services for children with social skills difficulties. Our experience as child therapists told us that children with social skills difficulties responded well to a program which incorporated a variety of modalities. We employ expressive arts therapies to help children communicate about their social experiences, we present the children with activities aimed at fostering group cooperation, and we teach social understanding and coping strategies through cognitive-behavioral techniques. All of this is offered within a relational and empathic framework. By combining these different therapeutic approaches our program is unique and effective. Because our methods encompass using verbal and non-verbal as well as visual communication, we tailor our program to suit each child's learning style. The therapists give "on-the-spot" feedback when misperceptions and miscues occur so that children can begin to make more sense of their social interactions and the reactions of their peers. Feedback is given in a positive, caring and specific manner as the therapists help children work on their areas of difficulty and realize their strengths.

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