TARC (Topeka ARC)

Address: 2701 SW Randolph Avenue
Topeka,, KS 66611
Phone: (785) 232-0597 Fax: (785) 2323770 Email: info@tarcinc.org Website: http://www.tarcinc.org

Mission – TARC enhances the lives of people affected by intellectual, developmental and related disabilities through commitment to excellence in service, support and advocacy.

Vision – Our vision is that all people, including those with intellectual, developmental and related disabilities experience life to their potential.
Values – TARC is a 501(c)3 Non-for-profit organization that exists to provide assistance to people who possess developmental and related disabilities.


Children Services- Provides services with families that include a child from birth to three years-of-age. Education, support and resources are offered to families by a team that includes therapists, educators and social workers. In addition, a Children's Residential program and parent's night out respite program are available.

Assistive Technology Program for Children – (birth to three years of age)
Our Assistive Technology Specialists are assigned to a team of professionals in the Children's Services Division. The specialists provide support to the teams by researching new adaptive devices, software programs, communication aids, developing HyperStudio programs to fit individual needs, supporting families and childcare centers with computer activities and toys with switches. Assistive Technology may allow your child to access and explore his/her environment in a new and different way.

Toy Lending Library – Our Toy/ Device Lending Library has software, switches, battery operated toys, and communication devices available for families to check out for use at home or at child care locations. The children need time with a piece of equipment to see if it will motivate them for cause and effect, motor skills, or communication needs. This library give staff and families the flexibility to try equipment/software before it is to be purchased for an individual child.

Assistive Technology Program for Adults – We offer computer technology to adults in their working and learning areas at TARC. In addition, there are three Tech Centers available for use by adults receiving services through TARC. Software programs are available to meet the needs of a wide range of activities such as telling time, money skills, language development, reading skills, daily living, cause and effect and general computer skills. The Assistive Technology staff provides training and support to staff for computer/adaptive equipment services, as well as training in communication systems for people we serve.

Adaptive equipment materials are also available, such as adapted switches, daily living aids, and job adaptations.

TARC's Day Services Division – Provides services for Shawnee County residents, 16 years of age or older, with developmental disabilities. We support adults in gaining independence and strengthening and enhancing their skills. We offer stimulating, meaningful and rewarding activities that allow the people we serve to actively participate in the community. We also provide individuals the opportunity to give back to the community by joining volunteer groups.
Senior Services
Enhancing communication skills
Therapeutic Supports
Volunteer groups
Recreational Activities
Special Events
Accessing the community
Self Help Skills
Tech Center
Leisure Activities

TARC Industries – A warehouse and production facility that provides work training, skills development and training wages for those individuals choosing to work within this setting. TARC Industries collaborates with various community businesses to complete subcontracted work. Work performed includes boxing, labeling, sorting, sealing and various other light manufacturing components. Wages are based off prevailing wages for similar work performed within Shawnee County .

Employment Services:
Job preparation services:
Employment skills assessment & job interest inventory
On site work evaluations in paid positions
Assistance with job seeking, including:
Completing job application
Creating resumes
Practicing interviewing techniques

Job preparation supports, including:
Obtaining work clothes
Transportation training (riding city bus, scheduling cab/lift, etc.)
Community service referrals (mental health, housing, child care, etc.)

Job placement services:
Individualized and appropriate job placement assistance
Networking with community employers; presenting candidate’s skills and abilities
Conducting worksite analysis to determine work flow, and any special training or accommodations that may be needed on the job
Arranging interviews
Coordinate with candidate for any pre-hire testing, and provide transportation for testing as needed. (Drug screens, physical capacity testing, etc.)
Assist new employees in obtaining uniforms and identification cards.

Job Retention Services:
On site job coaching, mentoring, and shadowing.
On and off site employment counseling
Employee/employer mediation

• We are a Vocational Rehabilitation participating vendor.

Case Management – Provides individuals and their families with skilled professionals who assist in navigating the disability systems, actively advocate on the persons behalf and assist with identifying and obtaining needed resources and supports.Case Managers promote independence and successful inclusion into community living for all individuals with developmental disabilities.

Self-determination – Seeks to give persons with developmental disabilities, their guardians and/or families, the opportunity to choose or create supports that will meet the preferred lifestyle of the individual.
Develop a plan for your preferred lifestyle
Explore creative ways to achieve the plan
Develop individual budget with the funding you have
Allow individuals and/or families to be decision makers concerning the supports
Opportunities to learn by making choices
Be the driving force in your plan
Gain more control over how funds are expended. Take on the responsibility of directing your services. Be the active, contributing member in your community.

Newsletter -Self Determination publishes a newsletter about the program. New issues are mailed to individuals receiving Self Determination services.

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