TeachSpeech LLC – Speech Therapy Provider

Address: 43130 Amberwood Plaza, Suite #125
Chantilly, VA 20152
Phone: (571) 989-1190 Fax: (888) 972-4493 Email: hello@teachspeechtherapy.com Website: http://teachspeechtherapy.com/

TeachSpeech LLC is a boutique speech therapy practice. We understand that each child is incredibly amazing and unique, so we tailor our treatment plans to fit the exact needs of your child. We work directly with your child in a playful learning environment, focusing on their strengths to improve any communication challenges, all while directly involving the the child’s first teacher (parents).

Our take home activities are designed to be easily incorporated into the family’s daily routines as the predictability and repetition will help the child generalize their new speech or language skills. We believe children thrive in therapy when they connect with their therapist. We know that building and maintaining the child’s trust is a large part of our client’s success. Our rapport is build through playful learning. Playful learning is comprised of both free play and guided play. A child needs to engage in free play to expand their language and social skills, but sessions are structured to include therapeutic interventions geared towards the child’s goals. While we used evidence based practices, we combine it with our extensive experience … and what we “find in our pockets”

We provide the following services:
• Late Talking Toddlers
• Expressive and Receptive Language
• Articulation and Phonological Disorder
• PROMPT® Therapy • Oral Motor Skills
• Preschool Voice Therapy
• Preschool Disfluency (Stuttering)
• Cognitive or Other Developmental Delays
• Bilingual (Spanish) Services- Evaluation & Therapy (toddler/preschooler)

We accept clients with private pay & health insurance benefits. We are participating providers with Anthem BCBS and CareFirst PPO. We look forward to working with your child and your family. Call us at (571) 989-1190 to speak with a Speech Therapist.

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