Technology Resources for Education (T.R.E.) Center

Address: 1979 Central Avenue, Maywood School
Albany,, NY 12205
Phone: (518) 456-9290 Fax: (518) 4569289 Email: Website:

The T.R.E. Center is committed to providing you with a quality preview service.

All of TRE's resources are available for preview / reference by appointment between 9-5 weekdays and on the website 24/7.

What are the FEATURES of the T.R.E. Center's Previewing Center?

* Wide selection of software and assistive technology devices
* Extensive collection of professional publications and vendor catalogs
* As a Previewing Center for companies like Don Johnston, Edmark, Broderbund, Educational Activities, Inspiration, Intellitools, Laureate, Madenta, RJ Cooper and Tom Snyder Productions, you'll have access to the latest and best these well known educational software companies have to offer.

* The Preview Center is FREE! Please call and schedule an appointment.


Please visit our website or Contact us for more information:


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