Terrebonne General Medical Center – Houma Louisiana

Address: 8166 Main Street
Houma, LA 70630
Phone: (985) 873-4141 Website: http://www.tgmc.com/

Terrebonne General Medical Center is a public, non-profit hospital located in the heart of Houma, Louisiana.
TGMC opened its doors in 1954 with 76 beds, 16 physicians and 58 employees, and has grown to a nationally recognized healthcare leader with 321 beds, more than 150 active staff physicians
Neurology at TGMC:
Phone: 1-888-543-8462
Neurology Services at TGMC consists of a wide array of services from epilepsy monitoring, diagnostic test such as EEG’s and MRI’s and then as a last resort neurological and spinal surgeries. The most common condition and treatment for neurological services pertain to epilepsy

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