Texas Children’s Hospital – The Woodlands

Address: 17198 St. Luke's Way, Suite 300
The Woodlands, TX 77384
Phone: (936) 321-0808 Fax: (936) 3210858 Email: jjlbarrett@texaschildrens.org Website: http://www.texaschildrens.org/search/site/woodlands

Strategically located throughout the greater Houston area, Texas Children's Health Centers offer the same high-quality pediatric care for which Texas Children's Hospital is famous – right in your neighborhood.

Staffed by pediatric specialists from Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, the Health Centers' staff are trained to care for the physical and emotional needs of children and adolescents. Working closely with a child's primary-care physician, our specialists diagnose health conditions and develop patient-specific treatment plans. Texas Children's Health Centers use child-sized medical equipment in colorful, child-friendly atmospheres that cater to young patients' needs and interests.

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