The Arc of Hunterdon County

Address: 1465 State Route 31, Suite 23
Annandale, NJ 08801
Phone: (908) 730-7827 Fax: (908) 7307726 Email: Website:

Our Mission
…To provide support, training and opportunities to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve the greatest degree of independence and productivity and becoming contributing, responsible, and proud members of society ….To support families of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by enhancing the quality of life for all family members.

Our Vision
The Arc of Hunterdon County envisions:

A community in which parents of every newborn child with intellectual and developmental disabilities, experience understanding, ready assistance, and hope for a bright future.
A community that accepts children with disabilities into its schools, its playgrounds, its friendships, its celebrations. – A community that houses and provides places to work for all of its citizens.
A community that accepts the gifts and talents of people with disabilities, valuing the indispensable role they play.
A community that respects each of its members as part of the human family.

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