The Arc of Virginia

Address: 2025 East Main Street, Suite 107
Richmond, VA 23223
Phone: (804) 649-8481 Fax: (804) 6493585 Website:


"The Arc of Virginia is affiliated with The Arc of the United States and is the state chapter in Virginia. When you join one of Virginia's local chapters, you automatically become a member of both The Arc of Virginia and The Arc of the United States and are eligible for the benefits and privileges of membership in these organizations as well as those of the local chapter.
Advocacy is a key component of our identity as The Arc of Virginia. We speak out on issues that affect people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families. But more importantly, we help people with disabilities, family members, friends, and others become advocates themselves.
You can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. By communicating with legislators and by generally educating them about disability issues, you can help shape policy and law at the federal, state, or local level.
Join The Arc in making our vision of a community where people with disabilities are valued as classmates, coworkers, neighbors, citizens and friends come true!"

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