The Arc-Wisconsin Disability Association, Inc.

Address: 2800 Royal Avenue, Suite 209
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: (608) 222-8907 Fax: (608) 2228908 Email: Website:

The Arc-Wisconsin provides assistance to people with developmental and related disabilities and their families.  It is a member of The Arc of The United States and has 25 local chapters.  The Arc-Wisconsin provides quality of life opportunities for people with developmental and related disabilities and their families.  We do this by: actively working to ensure that proposed laws and public policies benefit people with disabilities; becoming involved in how disability services are designed and provided to make sure quality support programs exist for people with disabilities; training and supporting people with disabilities to be effective self-advocates and to speak directly about their concerns.The Arc-Wisconsin is a strong membership organization and people with disabilities, family members, and concerned citizens set the agenda and priorities for the organization, always keeping in mind the mission of promoting quality of life opportunities.  Whether this involves education, human services programs, housing development, transportation or rights, The Arc-Wisconsin and The Arc network is there to work with and for people with disabilities and their families to assure necessary services are available and individual needs are addressed. The Arc-Wisconsin provides the following services: Advocacy and public policy development; Self-advocacy and local chapter development; Information and assistance; Consultation and assistance to state and county agencies, managed care organizations and provider agencies; Guardianship services.

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