The Buddy League, Inc

Address: 3809 Creststone Drive
Garland, TX 75040
Phone: (972) 414-9280 Email: Website:

The Buddy League was founded to provide recreational opportunities for children with special needs who would ordinarily be excluded in 2002.  The league currently is providing Baseball and hopes to branch into Basketball.  This league is unique in that it allows the children to learn about sports and the fundamentals alongside their non-disabled peer buddies. Team sports provide opportunities for building social skills, self esteem, and peer relationships.  The players are not the only ones who win here.  The "Buddies"  learn just as much.  They see enthusiasm, determination, tolerance, joy, and unconditional love at every Buddy event.  There are no games protested here. There is no rivalry here. If you need a high five, a kiss, or a hug at homeplate, you'll find it here.  Everyone involved wins here. 

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