The Child Study Center School

Address: 1300 West Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: (817) 390-2831 Fax: (817) 3902851 Email: Website:

The Child Study Center (CSC) provides diagnosis and treatment services to children who have, or are at risk for, developmental disabilities and related behavioral and emotional problems so that these children may achieve their full potential.

Founded in 1962, the CSC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization governed by a volunteer board of directors.
Developmental challenges are frequently multi-dimensional; therefore, the staff of the Center focuses on seeing the child in the context of his or her complete environment. Treatment plans are designed to look past a single symptom into the complex whole problem. Frequently, children who come to the Center are placed under the care of a team of parents and specialists.

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