The Gifted Learning Project

Address: 10E 135TH ST #481551
Kansas City, MO 64148
Phone: (816) 200-0457 Email: Website:

What is The Gifted Learning Project?

The Gifted Learning Project formed in 1999, when a group of advocates recognized that their community needed better resources about facing the challenges of life with a disability. We have a unique perspective: rather than focusing on the hardships of a disability, we emphasize the strengths that individuals use to adapt and feel more confident in accomplishing everyday tasks.

The Gifted Learning Project is a grassroots, nonprofit organization (501(c)3) started and operated by people with disabilities, and those who live and work with people with disabilities. No board member receives any pay – we are all volunteers, with a deep connection to our work. We understand the challenges you face with a disability, because we live it every day.

We feel that having a disability is like modern art. Just as no two people see the same image, no two people will adapt and learn in the same way. It often takes time and a willingness to try many different techniques to achieve success. When you know more about a disability, you can approach your life from a position of strength. The Gifted Learning Project strives to offer the resources you need to become more comfortable and confident as you grow and learn.

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