The Little HAPIE Tree Preschool – Auburn

Address: 721 E. University Drive, Auburn Early Education Center
Auburn, AL 36830
Phone: (334) 887-4958 Fax: (334) 887-2139 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

We provide high quality intensive early intervention services for children with developmental disabilities ages 3-5 years old in Auburn and Mobile, and 2-6 years old in Anniston. We utilize strategies based on the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in teaching our children. We also offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy as needed for children enrolled.

The primary focus of intervention is language acquisition but additional areas such as self-care skills, play skills, social skills, and pre-academic skills in preparation for kindergarten are also important. Our teachers plan developmentally and age appropriate lessons for children enrolled and utilize thematic teaching. Additional teaching procedures used are not limited to the following: discrete trial teaching, incidental teaching, least-to-most prompting sequences, most-to-least prompting sequences, shaping, reinforcement and differential reinforcement.

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