The Nest—Center for Women, Families and Children – Kentucky

Address: 530 N. Limestone Street
Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: (859) 259-1974 Fax: (859) 2549465 Email: Website:

The Nest—Center for Women, Children and Families is a nonprofit Lexington, Kentucky-based social service agency that provides a safe, accessible and healing environment for children, while developing the strength and self-sufficiency of women and families through education, support, counseling and advocacy.  Services include self help parenting program, crisis case management program and child care program.  The Nest Child Care Center offers some of that help in the form of full-time and respite child care. Full-time care is for parents who are working, attending school or have another ongoing obligation. Full-time care is provided on a contract basis for specified days and times.  Respite care is for temporary situations. For example, a parent is searching for a job, has an appointment, feels stressed and needs a break. This is a short-term service meant to help parents move themselves into a better position that will benefit the entire family.  Respite care is provided free-of-charge
Child Care Programs:

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