The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City

Address: 3011 Baltimore
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (816) 751-7700 Fax: (816) 7517982 Website:


"Our mission is to Build Brighter Futures for children and adults with disabilities.
The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City was born out of a desire to offer services that individuals with disabilities need to progress to their highest potentials – physically, socially and vocationally.
We are the area's only provider of both medical rehabilitation and employment services. This approach was unique in 1947 when we opened our doors and it is still rare to find today.
While the Institute serves every disability group, we have the reputation as the “place to go” for the most challenging disabilities such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, birth defect, developmental delay and neurological disorders.
With more than 123 medical and vocational professionals on staff, we provide the most comprehensive rehabilitation services in the region. Our programs are highly individualized, goal-oriented and assist individuals at all stages in life, from birth to the elderly. Whether it's achieving success at home, school or work, we have the outpatient medical services and employment programs in place to help Build Brighter Futures for individuals with disabilities."
Medical Rehabilitation – Adult: Marcella Choate at (816) 751-7783 or
Medical Rehabilitation – Pediatric / Adolescent: Charlene Soetaert at (816) 751-7797 or
Assistive Technology Services (ACCT): Marcella Choate at (816) 751-7783 or
Neuropsychology Services: Jo Walls at (816) 751-7732 or
Tours and Patient Assessments: Jeanette Alexander Boucher at 816-751-7710 or

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