TheraPediatrics, Inc.

Address: 585 Kingsown Road
South Kingston, RI 02879
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Contact: Dina L. DiCola 

Our goal is to optimize the learning potential of children and promote success, independence, and confidence to be carried over beyond the walls of our clinic. Our vision is a continuum of success in the home, school, and community.  We would like to educate parents, children, and professionals on the sensory connection and how it impacts life skills.  We would like to lend clarification to what is, and what is not sensory based disorders.   We believe in evidence based practice and hope to contribute to the research to support sensory integration therapy.  We are committed to providing your child with the most comprehensive and innovative therapy services available that are research based and have high success rates. We believe that the true test of any clinical intervention is its functional outcome and measurable success. We offer a full service sensory gym and specialized treatment programs. We provide the following: Clinical Occupational Therapy Services; Comprehensive Evaluation; Consultation Services with the schools and in the home; Sensory Integration Therapy; Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT); Therapy Intensive Programs (TIP) with and without Listening Therapy; NeuroDevelopmental Treatment (NDT); Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT); The Listening Program (TLP); Integrated Listening Systems (iLs); Feeding Therapy; Handwriting Programs; Play Attention Neurofeedback Program; Interactive Metronome (IM); Astonaut Training (Vestibular/Visual Protocol); Alert Program/Sensory Self Regulation Groups; Social Skills Groups.

Mailing Address: PO Box 740, Saunderstown, RI 02874

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