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Our Programs – Our activities are designed to help increase self-esteem, build confidence and respect, provide stress relief, and create an environment that emphasizes bonding and nurturing experiences. From the Ground Up is dedicated to helping each individual achieve the highest level of independence that he/she is safely capable of and translating that into other aspects of life. The therapeutic horsemanship program emphasizes fitness, independence and learning through a combination of groundwork, horse care and riding.

Our programs help a large variety of riders including, but not limited to, those with autism, attention deficit disorder, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, stroke and forms of paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and muscular dystrophy. Riders must be a minimum of 4 years old to participate.

From the Ground Up offers semi-private and small group sessions in:
Therapeutic Riding with a Centered Riding foundation. In Centered Riding, the horse and rider move as one through relaxation, centering and breathing techniques.

Brain Gym – body movements that stimulate or calm brain function.

F.I.T. – Functional Integrative Training – exercise to prepare for riding; make functional, everyday activities easier; improve health and prevent injury.

Horse handling instruction – instruction on the ground using natural horsemanship principles.

Other Programs Offered:

Equine Facilitated Learning/Equine Assisted Activities for “At-Risk” Youths – A partnership between horse, student and facilitator. The horse and farm setting is used as tool to help bring about growth and change as participants gain insight into behaviors, patterns and feelings that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Horses for Heroes- A program based on the concept of soldiers helping soldiers with the aid of horses and riding The camaraderie of fellow soldiers combined with the physical and mental stimulation of therapeutic riding has proven beneficial for both the riders and the volunteers. Therapeutic riding provides both physical benefits (improved balance, motor skills, coordination, & flexibility), as well as emotional and mental benefits (decreased mental stress, improved self-esteem & the creation of a social network).

Starting March 2008 FTGU has initiated a campaign to generate interest in creating Horses for Heroes (HFH) Program. In 2009 FTGU partnered with the Syracuse VA to provide funding for veterans interested in participating in HFH. Veterans currently receiving treatment through the VA are eligible for financial assistance through this program. Interested parties do not have to be connected to the Syracuse VA to participate in our program.


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