Therapeutic Riding at Carousel (TRAC)

Address: 3700 Limestone Road
Wilmington, DE 19808, DE 19808
Phone: (302) 995-7670 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

TRAC is housed at Carousel Park in Wilmington, DE. TRAC is a nonprofit organization that started in November 2006 with 8 riders, 2 horses and 6 volunteers. The program now serves, on average, 50 riders per week. The program runs on eight week sessions and each rider participates once a week. Therapeutic riding programs develop relationships between the riders, the instructors, the volunteers and the horses. There are many physical, mental, emotional and social benefits to equine assisted therapy. Physically the horses move the body in a manner similar to walking. Riding improves posture, balance and muscle control. Mentally, riding improves sequential thought processing. Emotionally, the horses are effective in calming emotional outbursts and reinforcing appropriate behaviors. Socially, therapeutic riding nurtures a positive self-image. Riders are encouraged to seek independence and are encouraged in order to develop positive self-esteem.

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