Therapeutic Riding Center, Albany

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Voorheesville,, NY 12186
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Who we are
Located at the base of the Helderberg Mountains near Albany, New York, the Albany Therapeutic Riding Center (ATRC) was founded in 1981 by Christine Lehman who serves as President of the organization as well as its Riding Instructor.

Instruction in horseback riding on ATRC-furnished horses is offered to physically and mentally challenged individuals who may suffer from cerebral palsy, autism, paraplegia, mental retardation, brain injury, or multiple handicaps. Such individuals have great difficulty in finding recreational activities suitable to their disabilities.

A small cadre of dedicated volunteers offers weekly group and individual lessons. Volunteers saddle and lead the horses, and walk beside riders to insure that the riders remain safe, focused and confident. Three volunteers are required to meet the needs of most physically and/or mentally challenged riders.

The ATRC Riding Program is certified as a Member Center by the North American Riding Association for the Handicapped (NARHA). The Riding Instructor, Christine Lehman, holds current Advanced Certification for Cognitive and Physical Disabilities from NARHA.

ATRC is a United Way Agency and receives limited support from United Way contributors who specifically designate ATRC to be the recipient of their donations.

Modest funding is also obtained from corporate and individual donations as well as affordable lesson fees. A limited number of riding scholarships are available to the parents and care takers of children who cannot afford lesson fees. Operating on an annual budget of less than $25,000 ATRC is totally dependent on its highly motivated volunteers to assist riders and to help maintain the horses and stable facilities.

Chris Lehman herself has continued to volunteer her services as Riding Instructor for over twenty-seven (28) years. The only paid employee of ATRC is a part-time stable hand. Volunteer commitment has permitted ATRC to offer affordable service to the physically and mentally challenged in the face of substantial operating cost for ongoing feed, veterinary care and facility maintenance.

The ongoing support of the Riding Center’s dedicated volunteers and the generous donation of stables and riding facilities by its founder have permitted ATRC to operate effectively in an increasingly stringent economic climate that adversely affects donations. Feed, and ferrier bills as well as veterinary care continue to represent the most significant financial drain on limited financial resources for the Riding Center. This is particularly true because, as a matter of policy, ATRC continues to maintain its lesson horses once they are retired.


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