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Equine Eagles, Inc. is a learning and rehabilitation center for humans and horses. We strive to be a place of trust and safety in today's chaotic society and to address emotional, behavioral, social, physical, and spiritual needs. ALL services are for able bodied and non-able bodied participants. Equine Eagles, Inc. offers many programs to facilitate both mental and physical healing as follows: Equine Connections, SOAR, Therapeutic Riding, Vaulting, and Non-Denominational Ministry.

Equine Connections (Natural Horsemanship):
Individual and group training on communicating to the horse naturally. It builds relationships with the horse, as well as in other areas of life. It teaches people to look outside themselves and enables them to evaluate another's point of view. Our clients and horses participate in training to become partners. This program works well with training young horses, rebuilding trust, and retraining abused, neglected, and problem horses. The program builds the partnership relationship between human and horse one step at a time through the process of Natural Horsemanship. It begins with groundwork, learning why you are getting a particular reaction and learning how to achieve the correct response through subtle communication and growing in excellence in partnership. In Equine Connections the owner is involved in this process. Therefore, when they and their horse are not with Equine Eagles they are still consistent and capable of continuing the relationship at home. The program teaches and emphasizes safety for both the horse and human partner. We have seen both horses and the human partners go from fear and flight or fight to a true understanding of each other and forming a partnership where both grow and excel!

SOAR (Equine Experiential Learning):
The SOAR program utilizes the horse as a mirror to teach humans interpersonal communication skills, improving attention, focus, self-confidence, stress management, and basic horse skills. Horses give us immediate and honest feedback about what we need to know and how to change in order to achieve partnership with others so we can accomplish our goals. Equine experiences may benefit such things as low self-esteem, panic disorder, attention deficit and hyperactive disorders, the abused, and disadvantaged. SOAR is for able bodied and non-abled bodied individuals. Families, groups, and corporations can discover their abilities and hidden strengths as they interact with horses in their natural environment. We are EAGALA 1 certified.

Therapeutic Riding:
Recreational therapy for the physically disabled. NARHA officals report therapeutic riding is beneficial for several reasons and in a variety of ways. It causes the rider's body to move in a manner similar to the human gait by moving the torso, arms, shoulders and head in rhythmic ways. These types of movements reach deep muscles, while the warmth of the horse helps keep them more relaxed, causing less pain and creating passive exercise. Equine Eagles has served clients as young as 2 years old to as old as 70. We have watched, as there has been a transformation from no body tone, only laying on the horse, to being able to push up into a sitting position. We have experienced the changes in clients from passivity or fear to joy and smiles. Spirit, body, mind, and emotions are all engaged in this process.

Vaulting is for able bodied and non-able bodied participants. Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback where everyone works together. It teaches confidence, teamwork, and responsibility. And it's fun! This program is suitable for various age groups, from 3 to adulthood (one participant is approaching 60 and is thoroughly enjoying the adult clinics). Vaulters exercise together to warm up muscles and prevent injuries. They practice routines on the barrel before getting on the horse, another safety enhancement. The fun comes in building teamwork, communication, learning various and creative routines, laughing together, encouraging one another, and the sense of achievement as they present what they have learned to their families and the public.

Non-denominational Ministry:
The very foundation of Equine Eagles is based on Isaiah 40:31. Opportunity for ministry abounds in our programs. We are a faith-based organization that believes in the ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ, utilizing Ancient Paths. We minister in our programs, in churchs and public settings. We offer day and weeklong camps and internships which promote a healing environment for the fearful, hurting, and abused where they become a part of something and find their worth.


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