Therapeutic Riding, New Horizon Ranch (KS)

Address: 1526 Vermont Rd.
Rantoul,, KS 66079
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New Horizon Ranch is an equine assisted learning facility located in Rantoul, KS (approx. 35 miles southwest of Olathe, KS). With the help of nearly 50 volunteers from the community, New Horizon Ranch is currently serving 20 riders, with various physical cognitive and emotional disabilities. Each week brings new opportunities for improvement in riding skills, communication, physical strength, socialization and interaction with the horses in an atmosphere that is both fun and challenging.

Many parents of riders have expressed that “Riding at New Horizon Ranch is the highlight of my child’s week!” That is the mission of New Horizon Ranch, to enrich the lives of individuals through equine assisted activities.”


This unique form of medical therapy for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities is performed on horseback under the coordinated supervision of a physical/occupational/recreational/speech therapist and a NARHA Certified Riding Instructor. Hippotherapy provides the rider with benefits similar to those of office physical therapy but in the fun, creative, safe and effective atmosphere of a riding arena. The horse’s gait simulates the natural rhythmic gait of an able-bodied person, and when astride the horse, a rider with a disability is receiving the same physical stimulus that able-bodied persons receive from walking. The movement and warmth of the horse help improve the rider’s range of motion and muscle tone. Opportunities for improvement in the rider’s emotional well- being and social skills are provided through the relationship that develops between horse and rider.

Recreational Riding:
Riders of varying abilities are able to achieve appropriate levels of independence in their personal horsemanship and equestrian riding skills under the direct supervision of a NARHA Certified Riding Instructor. While the primary goal is not medical therapy, the rider is still receiving the added benefit of the therapeutic rhythm of the horse’s gait. In Recreational Riding the primary focus is teaching the rider horsemanship and riding skills. This process provides the rider with numerous opportunities for personal enrichment in areas such as social skills, communication, decision making, sequencing, responsibility, cause and effect, self confidence, balance, and strength.

Equine Assisted Learning:
These programs are offered for individuals with emotional or behavioral difficulties and youth-at-risk. Similar to Recreational Riding, a rider will be given the opportunity to achieve new levels of personal enrichment and independence through horsemanship and equestrian riding skills, under the direct supervision of a NARHA Certified Riding Instructor. This program provides opportunities to build relationships with the horses and the staff through a variety of equine and ranch activities. Interaction with horses naturally creates opportunities to foster self confidence, communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills, positive attitude, trust, respect, honesty and faith.


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