Therapy Junction – Pediatric Therapy Provider

Address: 14130 23rd Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55447
Phone: 763-383-7666 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Therapy Junction therapists are trained to utilize the unique properties of water to further enhance functional gains and performance on land.

Services Include:

Aquatic Therapy
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy – Occupational Therapists work with children to attain the highest level of independence and be the most successful in adapting to and participating in everyday life. Each child is unique which is why we have a versatile staff with specialized training and skills for a variety of needs.

Areas that are typically addressed in treatment include: sensory processing disorders, self-regulation, postural control, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual perceptual and visual motor integration, attention and organizational skills, self-help skills, oral motor skills, and feeding.

Specialized Programs:
Therapeutic Listening
Listening Program
Masgutova Reflex Neuro-Sensory Integration (MNRI)
Sequential Oral Sensory Feeding Approach (SOS)
Beckman Oral Motor Therapy
Handwriting without Tears
Reflex Integration
Animal Assisted Therapy

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