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TransCen, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that since 1986 has been developing creative and innovative projects in school to work transition, education systems change, and employment for people with disabilities. We were founded and named to be a "Transition Center", convening parties involved in promoting the successful transition of youth with disabilities from school to work and adult life.


From the individual workplace to statewide and national systems, TransCen is dedicated to improving career development and community participation of all people with disabilities. Our organization is unique in that we operate local employment service programs — developing and operating services that have assisted over 13,000 individuals with disabilities to achieve employment since our inception — as well as develop, implement, and research initiatives that have national impact. TransCen’s work represents the intersection of grassroots implementation with national policy and legislative initiatives.



Since 1986 we have been on the forefront of systems change and capacity-building efforts – working with school districts, human service agencies, parents, students, government agencies, advocacy groups, and businesses. Our customized staff development and technical assistance services are exciting, out-of-the-ordinary, affordable, and designed to GET RESULTS!

Some of the services and products that we have delivered nationwide include:

  • Customized training for school personnel, students, and parents.
  • Train the trainer seminars
  • Resource Mapping and strategic planning
  • Curriculum development, modification and implementation
  • Specialized institutes and summits
  • Post-training follow-up consultation
  • Statewide and local conferences
  • Program evaluation and development
  • School-business partnership events
  • Establishment of advisory groups
  • Stakeholder self-advocacy seminars
  • Customer perception surveys
  • Operational manuals, tools, and workbooks
  • And many others.

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Additional Location:

West Coast Office

TransCen’s office in San Francisco administers an employment service called WorkLink. This service includes supported employment, job placement services, and school-to-work transition programs.


TransCen, Inc./WorkLink
785 Market Street, Suite 670
San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: (415) 979-9520

Fax: (415) 227-4527


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