Transit Commission, Washington Metropolitan Area

Address: 8701 Georgia Avenue,, # 808
Silver Spring,, MD 20910-3700
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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission (WMATC) was established in 1960 pursuant to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact, an interstate compact among Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia providing for regional regulation of private sector motor carriers transporting passengers for hire in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit District.

The Commission issues operating authority to van and bus operators and some sedan and limousine operators. Carriers holding authority from the Commission must file fixed rates and fares with the Commission and comply with Commission-prescribed insurance, safety and vehicle-marking regulations. The Commission also prescribes rates and charges for transportation by taxicab between one compact signatory and another, where both points are within the Metropolitan District.

The Commission is composed of three members, one member appointed by the Governor of Virginia from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, one member appointed by the Governor of Maryland from the Maryland Public Service Commission, and one member appointed by the Mayor of the District of Columbia from a District of Columbia agency with oversight of matters relating to the Commission.


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