UCLA Orthopaedic Hospital Center for Cerebral Palsy

Address: 1250 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 395-4814 Fax: (424) 2596577 Website: http://www.uclaccp.org/

The UCLA / Orthopaedic Hospital Center for Cerebral Palsy includes weekly clinic, monthly Botox clinic and the Kameron Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory.  The Center began in the early 1990s by a pediatric orthopaedist, a neurosurgeon and a physical therapist.  Patients at the Center’s interdisciplinary clinic receive a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced team. In setting treatment goals, ability is emphasized over disability. Patients and their families are an integral part of the decision-making process and treatments are tailored to meet the individual patient’s goals and needs. Treatment options may be generally categorized as newer or traditional.

We are pleased to announce the UCLA/Orthopaedic Hospital Center for Cerebral Palsy clinic has moved to the Luskin Children's Clinic of Orthopaedic Hospital in the new Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital.

The address is 1250 16th St Santa Monica CA 90404, between Arizona and Wilshire. Valet parking is available at the entrance


If you have questions as to whether an appointment at the Center for Cerebral Palsy is right for you, please contact Marcia Greenberg, MS PT Clinical Coordinator at (310) 825-5858.


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