UCP Land of Lincoln

Address: 101 North 16th Street
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: (217) 525-6522 Fax: (217) 5259017 Email: info@ucpll.org Website: http://www.ucpll.org/


Nearly a decade ago, United Cerebral Palsy Land of Lincoln (UCPLL) recognized that it was essential to shift its management philosophy from nonprofit strategies to business strategies if it were to sustain organizational growth.
Reflecting on this philosophical shift, UCPLL Chief Operating Officer Kathy Leuelling said, "Management by what you know rather than what you think is a big cultural change for many nonprofit organizations. Yet, in today's economy, competition among nonprofits has intensified as a result of less money to go around and more people in need of services. To thrive in this environment, we recognized we needed to apply proven business principles."

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