United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii

Address: 414 Kuwili Street, Suite 105
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 532-6744 Email: ucpa@ucpahi.org Website: http://www.ucpahi.org/

Provides services, conducts public and professional education programs and support research in cerebral palsy.

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii
414 Kuwili Street, Suite 105
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-5362
Phone: (808) 532-6744
Fax: (808) 532-6747
Email: ucpa@ucpahi.org
Facebook: UCPA Hawaii – United Cerebral Palsy Association

Services Provided Include:

Child Development Center: (808) 532-6740
The Child Development Center is an early intervention program sponsored by the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health – Early Intervention Section. The program provides services for children between the ages of birth and three years of age with developmental delays. Services are provided in children’s natural environments and the goal is to work closely with families to educate, enhance and coach parents and other caregivers to support their child’s development within the context of their child’s daily routines and activities.

The program provides:

– Evaluation in all areas of development: gross motor (sitting, crawling, walking), fine motor (using arms, hands), communication (talking, understanding words), adaptive (eating, dressing), social (relationships with others), and cognitive (learning). The evaluation determines eligibility for services.
– Developmental of an Individualized Family Support Plan that identifies concerns and priorities, includes goals and objectives, and identifies services.
– Direct Services including Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Special Instruction.
– Care Coordination services that involves working with families to address concerns, priorities and to identify resources, as well as coordination of services.
– Referral for additional support services such as assistive technology, vision services, and intensive Behavioral Support.
– Opportunities for parent to parent networking and support via group activities.
– Transition planning, referral, and coordination.

Social Services Program – Social work staff provides care coordination, crisis intervention/counseling, emotional support, information and referral, and sports and recreation. The program networks with other agencies to access appropriate services and provide advocacy for persons with cerebral palsy and their families in order to increase independence in daily living and integration into the community/society. Additionally, the Social Service Department runs a free equipment loan program. Contact the Social Services Program at (808) 532-6738.

Kuwili Martial Arts & MAC Plus Program

MAC-Plus Recreation is a community based recreation program geared especially for people with disabilities. This program is designed to offer an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in and experience a variety of recreational activities, while at the same time, forming new friendships and expanding participants’ social networks. Examples of some of the activities offered include; UH sports event, outdoor and ocean recreation activities, dinners at a variety of Honolulu restaurants, and special events, such as plays stage shows and visits to local attractions.

Kuwili Martial Arts Center (Kuwili MAC) – Specializing in adaptive martial arts, since 1999, the unique and innovative program offers martial arts training for individuals with disabilities. Person-centered and fully inclusive, all students participate in training activities regardless of ability. Rank promotions are earned based on effort, attitude and class attendance, with training centered on the schools five core tenets of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Through consistent, disciplined practice, Kuwili Martial Arts students gain a sense of empowerment, confidence and self-esteem, as well as improving their physical health. For further information, contact Martin Williams at (808) 532-6748 or macplus@ucpahi.org.

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