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The Institute on Disability (IOD) is pursuing the expansion and further development of Assistive Technology (AT) services and training in the state of New Hampshire. Assistive Technology is integral to the daily lives of many New Hampshire residents. Awareness of and the ability to try assistive technology devices are important aspects to making a decision whether a particular technology is “the right fit.”  The IOD is actively involved in partnerships on campus, throughout the state, and on a national level to promote access to assistive technology services.


Many different assistive technology services are provided.  Assisitve Technology strongly endorses a try before you buy approach.  In order to ensure that a particular assistive technology, whether equipment device or software, meets your needs, be sure to try it out first.  Take the equipment home or to your work site and try it out where you will use it, before you commit to spending your money.

We support the following community services through our Community Partners throughout New Hampshire:

Equipment Reuse – Assistive technology can be expensive and often, even after years of use, there is still a lot of life left in the used equipment. We strive to facilitate the reutilization of gently used devices and parts.

Demonstrations and Loans – Currently ten partner organizations offer demonstrations and loans of assistive technology equipment and software. Community Partners have equipment geared toward school age children, elders, and all ages in-between. Whether you are looking for assistance with writing or want to try out skiing, check our partners for information on demonstrations and loans of assistive technology.

Partners offer equipment in these device categories:

Speech Communication
Learning, Cognitive, Developmental
Mobility, Seating & Positioning
Daily Living
Environmental Adaptations
Transportation and Vehicle Modification
Computers and Computer-related

Recreation, Sports, and Leisure



UNH Institute on Disability
10 West Edge Drive
Suite 101
Durham, NH 03824
phone: 603.862.4320
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