UT Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities – Memphis TN

Address: 920 Madison Avenue, Suite 939
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: (901) 448-6511 Fax: (901) 448-3844 Website: https://www.uthsc.edu/cdd/index.php

The Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities is a University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities, Education, Research and Services. Their mission is to provide leadership and innovation that empowers people with disabilities to challenge expectations, achieve personal goals and be included in all aspects of community life. They offer expertise on working with individuals with developmental disabilities and connecting individuals to the right resources and supports in their community.

The BCDD is now one of the most comprehensive facilities in the nation dedicated to improving quality of life for people of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families. 

The core of the service program is the diagnostic evaluation, which assesses the person's current and future needs. This evaluation is flexible. It may include evaluation by a single professional or a team of professionals, depending on the individual's needs and the requests of the referring physician.  The evaluation is designed to define the problem(s), and recommend education and other forms of treatment to help the person reach his or her potential. The BCDD can offer treatment or can make referrals for services in the community.


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