Vermont Programs for Children and Youth who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Address: 103 S Main Street,, Weeks 1A
Waterbury, VT 05671-2303
Phone: (802) 241-2186 Email: Website:

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Agency of Human Services

Disability affects all of us eventually – whether we're born with it; experience disability through illness, accident, or aging; or have a loved one or colleague with a disabling condition. When disability gets in the way of productive work, that's when VocRehab Vermont steps in. We  provide a wide range of services and supports to help you get to work, and to help your employer keep you there. Are you getting ready to graduate from high school? Excited? Nervous? Feeling pressured? Overwhelmed? Are you out of school? Wondering what to do next? In need of a job, or having difficulty getting or keeping a job? Are you the parent or guardian of a youth who might answer yes to the above questions? VocRehab Youth Transition Counselors are there to help you. They can help you think about possible careers and further training after high school or help you find a job. There is a youth transition counselor in each VocRehab office so that you can meet with someone in your own community, at school or in a VocRehab office. Contact us today!

TTY:  (802) 241-2199 

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