Virginia Department of Education, Office of Adult Education and Literacy

Address: PO Box 2120
Richmond, VA 23218-2120
Phone: (804) 225-2053 Website:


"Education and literacy are keys to a better quality of life – but over 1 million Virginia adults age 18 and older do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and many more lack literacy in key areas such as math or business skills.
To serve these populations, programs throughout the commonwealth offer everything from GED test preparation to tutoring in English language-based life skills.
The Office of Adult Education and Literacy revised its Assessment Policy, and has developed a new Goal-Setting Policy and Universal Student Intake Form, pursuant to federal audit findings. Both policies became effective September 1, 2007, and supercede any prior policies related to these activities. The policies and the intake forms were mailed to all funded programs. In addition to the intake forms, a help document that outlines how to use the form and includes a data dictionary is also available."

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