Washington Co. Children & Youth Social Service Agency

Address: 100 West Beau Street, Suite 503
Washington, PA 15301
Phone: (724) 228-6884 Fax: (724) 2234713 Website: http://www.co.washington.pa.us/index.aspx?nid=157

Washington County Children and Youth Services is the county government agency with the responsibility of responding to the community's concerns regarding the safety of children in our county. Washington County Children and Youth serves families in which there is: child abuse, child neglect, truancy, incorrigibility, runaway behavior or a child is at risk for abuse or neglect. In situations where parents are unable or unwilling to appropriately care for their children, involvement with the Agency may be necessary. It is the responsibility of the Agency to ensure that children remain safe, that they have a permanent home in which to grow, and that families receive the support they need to appropriately parent their children. We provide a range of services that help families gain skills and obtain resources to enable them to better care for their children. In addition, we provide foster care training and approval as well as adoption services to residents of Washington County. Services are available to any child or family in Washington County based upon need, as determined by an assessment conducted by Agency staff. 

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