Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Address: 600 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 637-7000 Website: http://www.wmata.com/index.cfm


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

600  5th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001

Metro Information: (202) 637-7000

TTY: (202) 638-3780


The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) was created by an interstate compact in 1967 to plan, develop, build, finance, and operate a balanced regional transportation system in the national capital area. The Authority began building its rail system in 1969, acquired four regional bus systems in 1973, and began operating the first phase of Metrorail in 1976. Today, Metrorail serves 86 stations and has 106 miles of track. Metrobus serves the nation's capital 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 1,500 buses. Metrorail and Metrobus serve a population of 3.4 million within a 1,500-square mile jurisdiction. Metro began its Para transit service, MetroAccess, in 1994; it provides about 1.5 million trips per year.  Connects to Metro stations in the region.

All Metrorail stations and rail cars are accessible. Our stations feature accessible priority parking near station entrances, information on station pylons in Braille and raised alphabet, and extra-wide fare gates, among other features. All stations have elevators and directional signs indicating elevator locations.



Metrobus Accessibility Features:


All buses in the Metro fleet are accessible.  All buses kneel or lower to make it easier to get on and off TheBus. 



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