Washington P2P Programs – State Coordinating Office

Address: 2638 State Avenue N.E.
Olympia, WA 98506
Phone: (360) 357-3279 Email: statep2p@earthlink.net Website: http://arcwa.org/getsupport/parent_to_parent_p2p_programs

Susan Atkins, Program Director



"Learning that your child has a disability can be a traumatic experience. Parents have many questions and concerns in coping with their child’s needs and their own feelings. Personal support from another parent, who has a child with a similar needs, can be helpful in coping with these challenging experiences and feelings. Helping Parents (volunteer peer mentors) are available to provide support and information. Free services Include matching parents in one-to-one relationships with trained, experienced parents, based on similar diagnoses and family issues; providing personal support which is different than the support professionals can provide; follow up by the Local County Coordinator on each P2P referral and match; information and education about disabilities and referral to services in the community; culturally relevant services through ethnic outreach; training for parents who want to become Helping Parent peer mentor volunteers;  e-newsletters. 
Parent to Parent Support Programs of Washington State is a member of the Parent to Parent USA Alliance.
Washington State Parent to Parent (P2P) maintains confidentiality and does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, creed, sex, or national origin."

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