Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council

Address: 2600 Martin Way East, Suite F
Olympia, WA 98506
Phone: (360) 586-3560 Fax: (360) 5862424 Email: Ed.Holen@ddc.wa.gov Website: http://ddc.wa.gov/

Ed Holen, Executive Director

Developmental Disabilities Council members are appointed by the Governor to plan comprehensive services for the State of Washington's citizens with developmental disabilities. At least 60% of the 33-member Council must consist of persons with developmental disabilities, their parents, guardians, or family members. The balance consists of representatives from local service- providing agencies and ex-officio members from state government agencies. Members serve a three year term. Persons who are interested in being a council member are encouraged to submit an application. In keeping with the council's mission and Vision Statement, the Council works to develop policy recommendations which promote the values of self-determination, independence, inclusion, integration, and productivity for people with with developmental disabilities; develops and implements a five year State Plan which contains goals and objectives to meet identified gaps in services for persons with developmental disabilities; builds coalitions with constituent groups within the developmental disability community to promote more effective advocacy; tests new services and supports ideas by funding demonstration projects; advocates for the needs of persons with developmental disabilities; reports progress toward its Five Year Plan goals in its annual report; hosts and participates in events which foster better service provision for those with developmental disabilities; advises the Governor and members of the state Legislature regarding issues of concern for those with developmental disabilities; negotiates with state agencies; builds bridges between and private sectors to provide better services. 

Mailing Address: PO Box 48314, Olympia, WA 98504-8314

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