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At Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC (Metropolitan MFT), founded by Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT, CIT, CFT, we specialize in working with Couples assisting them succeed at their relationship. We provide services to high functioning clients from a positive and strength focused approach. Metropolitan Marriage and Family Therapy caters to individuals wishing to enhance their life and relationships. We operate from the belief that people have the ability to change and that they can achieve their fullest potential given the right conditions. We further believe that people can create the right condition for themselves and their relationships!

Psychotherapy – Our Psychotherapeutic Services assist our clients process, gain insight, obtain knowledge, tools and skills, and put all this together to heal, grow, and create changes in their relationships and their lives. Our clients enjoy the "therapeutic process and therapeutic relationship". They feel heard and understood. They have hope again and start creating the changes they have been seeking.

Our Psychotherapeutic Services are interactional, respectful, warm, experiential, and instructive. They provide useful frameworks from which our clients draw inspiration, motivation and hope. The services are targeted to meet our clients' needs. According to the nature of the presenting concern and the client's situation, the treatment modality is selected. Clients can be serviced through Individual, Couple, Family and/or Group Therapy. The psychotherapy treatment attends to the client's life context. It focuses on understanding the symptoms present in the context of their situation and the interaction patterns with significant others that may contribute to maintaining the "stuckness" and dissatisfaction they are experiencing. The work provides knowledge, resources, tools and skill building technologies.

Our Clinical Team is carefully selected and closely supervised to ensure high caliber delivery of services that are in line with our overall philosophy. Our team is dedicated to assisting our clients succeed at their relationships and their lives.

Anger Management –
We provide Anger Management services in all of our Psychotherapy modalities and through our Anger Management Programs listed below. We singled out the anger symptom as we have a high demand for services to address this specific concern. Our Anger Management Programs address anger in the context of clients lives and relationships – additional psychotherapy work might be required depending on the nature of what is driving the anger.

Anger is a normal feeling that serves as a red flag to an individual that their boundaries are in conflict, they are being wronged in some way, and their needs are not being met. Anger becomes a symptom and problematic when it is used as a defense mechanism to address issues masking more vulnerable feelings that need tending. This is the anger we address in the anger work. The anger work assists clients understand what is driving their anger, identifying the pain and hurt underneath the anger, and how this perpetuates the reactive and dissatisfying pattern of relating with their partner and others.

Individual Anger Management Program (Group Format) – The Anger Management Program addresses anger in the context of your life and relationships (additional psychotherapy work might be required depending on the nature of what is driving your anger). In this program you will learn all about your anger and how to address it so it no longer wrecks havoc in your life!!

Individual Anger Management Program (One-On-One) – The program assists clients stop hostile and aggressive behavior, having recurring arguments and fights, relating by attacking and defending, and pushing loved ones away. Clients learn how to take control of themselves and their lives, and build warm and loving relationships.

Workshops & Events – We have added another dimension to our services by providing didactic, interactive and experiential workshops that assist participants work on specific topics of concern, and a host of other events to enhance their lives. In this safe, holding and nurturing environment participants learn relevant information and new perspectives, change their world-view, reposition themselves for success in any area of their life, feel understood and gotten, connect more deeply with loved ones, and gain new tools and skills set for immediate implementation.

Participants are given a new framework from which to organize how they view and respond to their situation. Participants love attending these workshops as they also enjoy the built-in:
Support – they realize they are not alone in their situation
Network – they have the opportunity to expand their support system with other like-minded peers
Nurturing – they learn different ways to attend to their needs
Couple Time (attending couple related topics) – they have a designated time to attend to the Couple, and can make this even more special by making it part of a date


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