West Bridge Care & Rehabilitation

Address: 1015 W Summit Street
Winterset, IA 50273
Phone: (515) 462-1711 Fax: (515) 4625072 Website: http://www.westbridgecareandrehabilitation.com/


West Bridge Apartments and West Bridge Care & Rehabilitation are located in picturesque Madison County, well-known as the birthplace of John Wayne and famous for its historic covered bridges.
At West Bridge Apartments, we provide private, independent living in a quiet, picturesque setting. Our apartments allow residents to live a relaxing and fulfilling life, free of the usual household chores and responsibilities. 
Adjacent to the West Bridge Apartments is the West Bridge Care and Rehabilitation Center. Here, we strive to meet individuals’ needs by offering several levels of skilled nursing, as well as respite and hospice care.

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